Tuesday Weather Update

High is backing toward the Eastern New England shoreline this morning and this will remain in control for the rest of the week.  Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60's today and tomorrow.  They should approach the low 70's on Thursday before a cooler day Friday and Saturday.  After the brief dance with cooler temperatures things are looking good in the extended long range.

Current Conditions/Short Range Forecast
Some areas have a wind directly off the water this morning.  These areas are colder than the Western zones
5 am 2 m temps (image weatherbell)
The high pressure center is very close to the central New England coast
WPC surface analysis 330 am
The flow of the high pressure backing towards the coast has allowed for some sprinkles to break out in New York state
NWS Northeast Regional Radar 548 am
Today will remain dry in Southern New England.  Here is the Weather Prediction Center 1 day outlook
WPC 1 day precipitation outlook
That moisture is excellent for Nebraska.  Back here the latest short range models likes temperatures near 70 today
09z RAP 2 m temp 3 pm (image weatherbell)
Areas in the Merrimack River Valley of NH/MA as well as the Connecticut River Valley in MA/CT will have the best chance to see 70 today.  Tonight lows drop to low to mid 40's.  Winds will remain light and out of the east. For Wednesday the high pressure will fall down the coast a bit.
WPC surface forecast Wednesday 8 pm
Temperatures will be slightly cooler tomorrow with more of an east wind.
06z NAM hires 2 m temps Thursday 2 pm (image weatherbell)
We also stay dry and winds relatively light tomorrow 
WPC day 2 precipitation outlook
Low temperatures are in the upper 40's tomorrow night.  On Thursday the high falls a bit to the south which will introduce a southwesterly flow into the region.
00z EURO MSLP Thursday 8 pm
This will lead to temperatures in the low 70's
00z EPS Control 2 m temp Thurs PM (image weatherbell)
Friday looks to be cooler- more on that tomorrow.  Two final points- fire danger is increasing rapidly.  Also it could be much worse.  Here is the Midwest forecast for later this week
00z EURO snowfall forecast (image weatherbell)
This is the first week of May- astounding.  Talk to you tomorrow.


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