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My Top 5 Southern New England Weather Events of 2015

For a recap of 2014 see here.  For a recap of 2012 see here.
2015 was certainly interesting from a meteorological standpoint.  In time we will remember the snow blitz of late January and February and the warmth of December.  Here is my top 5 for Southern New England.

Honorable mention- 90 degree weather in September, distant impacts from Hurricane Joaquin (flooding rains in late September), 49 degree weather on June 1st.  

5. Long Term Persistent Moderate Drought
One year ago here is what the drought monitor looked like for the Northeast.  The yellow indicates abnormal dryness. 
One year later and one can really see the difference in Southern New England especially Connecticut.
Now this has nothing on the drought in California but many of us noticed brown lawns this spring and summer.  It went weeks at a time without raining.  The drought peaked in May when all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut were in moderate drought.  June brought some relief as rains fell on the firs…

Winter Weather Advisory up for Snow/Ice

The National Weather Service in Taunton has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for much of Southern New England.
A quick burst of snow will quickly give way to sleet and freezing rain before changing over to plain rain later Tuesday.  The initial burst of snow and the ice will contribute to a difficult AM commute tomorrow.  One silver lining is that many people are off this week so the roads will not be as congested as usual.

General Overview
The storm system responsible for the devastating twisters this weekend and the strong snows is on the move.  At the same time our first real cold high pressure of the season is sending cold air into New England.
The easterly motion of the high will help lock in the cold air.  At the same time the north northeast motion of the low will help warmer air surge north.  The initial meeting of these air masses should cause snow to break out tonight.  The first precipitation reaches Western New England between 12-1 AM while it gets to Worcester, Hartford, Bos…

Wintry Precipitation Tuesday

A dynamic December storm is impacting the South Central US.  Tornadoes ripped through Texas last night killing at least 11 people.  At the same time a blizzard is raging in North Texas, New Mexico and Western Oklahoma. Eastern Oklahoma and further east into the Midwest is under flood watches and warnings.  This storm is heading to the Northeast and will impact the Tuesday morning commute. 

General Overview
The 1 PM surface forecast chart from the Weather Prediction Center shows the storm system and its myriad of hazards.
A few showers is likely today as low pressure moves along the frontal boundary.  The cold front will push offshore tonight.  In its a wake a strong area of high pressure will descend into the Great Lakes.  Monday will feature seasonable temperatures in the 30's.  Given the warmth of December so far this will probably feel colder than it is. 
 Overnight temperatures will drop into the 20's.  This helps the set the table for snow to start just after midnight from…

Record Warmth for Christmas Eve?

While some may be dreaming of a White Christmas it is not in the cards for much of the Eastern United States this year (see Heatmiser's revenge).   An active weather pattern will lead to showers at times and the potential for record high temperatures on Christmas Eve.  The rain showers are good as it is still very dry in Southern New England.  Christmas day looks to be mild and dry..

General Overview
The 4 PM surface analysis shows southwest flow in New England with tropical origins. 
 The upper air pattern is mostly zonal across the United States with several embedded disturbances
The feature in the Great Lakes will move toward New England tonight and help to keep the warm front in North Central New England.  With this will come some rain showers tomorrow mainly after 7 AM.  The coverage will increase mid morning through mid afternoon.  Expect high temperatures in the mid 50's in Southeastern New England tomorrow.  It will be cooler in Western MA/CT.  By tomorrow evening the …

Heatmiser's Revenge

Meteorological winter began on December 1st but thus far mother nature has not gotten the memo in the Eastern US.

Temperatures fell to average this weekend but they will rebound to near record warmth for Christmas Eve.  So in the words of Vince Lombardi...what the hell is going on out there?

It could be Heatmiser's revenge for this past January and February.  Rumor has it he is very mad at his brother Snowmiser for the stunt he pulled on Southern New England last winter.
Just as she did in "The Year Without A Santa Claus" Mother Nature may have stepped in to mediate the fight.  She is allowing for some nice spring weather in December for the northeast.

Another theory is that this is simply a boring weather pattern for winter weather lovers.  As you must have heard by now the Pacific Ocean is experiencing an El Nino.   This is among the strongest on record in certain regions of the Pacific.
The Pacific Ocean is really the key player in all global weather patterns.  The Pa…