Wintry Precipitation Tuesday

A dynamic December storm is impacting the South Central US.  Tornadoes ripped through Texas last night killing at least 11 people.  At the same time a blizzard is raging in North Texas, New Mexico and Western Oklahoma. Eastern Oklahoma and further east into the Midwest is under flood watches and warnings.  This storm is heading to the Northeast and will impact the Tuesday morning commute. 

General Overview
The 1 PM surface forecast chart from the Weather Prediction Center shows the storm system and its myriad of hazards.
WPC 1 PM surface forecast 
A few showers is likely today as low pressure moves along the frontal boundary.  The cold front will push offshore tonight.  In its a wake a strong area of high pressure will descend into the Great Lakes.  Monday will feature seasonable temperatures in the 30's.  Given the warmth of December so far this will probably feel colder than it is. 
NWS blend of model max T- Monday (image Weatherbell)
 Overnight temperatures will drop into the 20's.  This helps the set the table for snow to start just after midnight from Southwest to Northeast.   The main low cuts into the Western Lakes.  A new low should form along the coast.  A warm front will try to push north but it will be blunted initially by the cold air in place.  This will allow for a thump of snow at the onset. 
NWS snow estimate Tuesday
It looks like 4-6" north of pike, 2-4" from Hartford to Providence north to the Pike, and 0-2" areas south of that.  Northern New England looks like they will do well with upwards of a foot.  A period of ice is possible in Western MA.  Sleet and then plain rain is more likely in Southeastern New England.  The evening commute is OK as any lingering precipitation is rain. 

More tomorrow on this and the rest of the week.  Go Pats

-Zack Green


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