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BUST! Story Becomes Bitter Cold

No way to sugarcoat it- this will go down as a bust for everyone outside of 495 and North of the Pike.  Here was my map from Monday Night
Here is what we have so far  I should have trimmed the 6-10 and brought the 3-6 into Southern Worcester County.  I also should not have included Cape Ann.  I can't call the Cape a bust yet, but I think it will be hard for it reach 10" given the current radar presentation  We'll see, but overall I am not happy with the forecast.  I have a feeling I'll have plenty of chances to try again before the winter is over.  Now the big weather headline is bitterly cold temperatures and wind chills for awhile.
Current Conditions/Short Term Forecast Here are the temperatures as of 4 am Bundle up...wind chills across Southern New England are running -10 to -15.  Here is one models wind chill temps as of 7 am The storm is well south and east of New England High temperatures today will range from 15-20 for most.  On the Cape temps will be in the 20&…

Video Blog on Storm

See previous blog for more details.  Have a good one

-Zack Green

Winter Storm to Impact Southern New England

The National Weather Service in Taunton has issued Winter Storm Warnings for all of Southeastern New England and Blizzard Watches for the Cape, Islands, and Southern Plymouth County.
Low pressure will develop along a polar front and intensify south of New England.  This will bring heavy snow and high winds to Southeast New England
The Set-Up An approaching Polar Front will cause temperatures to plummet tonight.  The front is approaching Worcester now (449 PM).  It shows up nice on radar Here is the front in the surface analysis as of 1 PM.   Here are the temperatures behind the front This cold will be locked in place so there no precipitation type issues.  Now lets take a look at how this system will evolve.  Here is the current Water Vapor Loop Low pressure will develop in the Tennessee Valley this evening/overnight.  Here is the upper level at 1 am Tuesday A surface low will have developed in Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee By 7 PM tomorrow night the upper level looks like this That …

Saturday NFL Playoff Weather

This is one of the best weekends of the year, Divisional Playoff Weekend.  Maybe that's because I am a Pats fan and my team is usually playing (12th time since 1996) but even in the rare off years the football is excellent.  Weather will impact both Saturday games. Without further ado...

General Weather
Two storms are affecting the Continental US today.  A powerful storm is affecting the Northwest while another storm impacts the Eastern US.  Here is the surface analysis
Temperatures in the east are warm and while it will rain in Seattle, the mountains in the Pacific Northwest will get buried with snow.Notice how tightly the isobars (solid lines) are packed together around Seattle and Boston.  This will increase this afternoon/evening
New Orleans (+9.5) @ Seattle Seahawks  (O/U) 43.5  430 EST

Seattle is a difficult place to play regardless of the weather.  Temperatures at kickoff project to be around 45
Temperatures may jump to 47-48 throughout the game but there will be no significa…

Winter Storm Impacts, Timing

Snowstorms are generally not a big deal in Southern New England.  This storm will be slightly different than others we've faced in recent years due to bitterly cold temperatures.  The National Weather Service has issued Winter Storm Warnings

Set Up Here is the current surface chart Notice the cold front moving out of Canada?  Check out the temps behind it
A weak low is moving out of Oklahoma while a boundary in the Gulf of Mexico collects moisture.  Here is the water vapor loop
The system in OK will transfer its energy to a new low pressure center off the SE coast tomorrow.  That storm will continue to deepen as it moves South and East of New England.

Timing Light snow breaks out overnight tonight.  Warm moist Atlantic air will flow over the top of the cold Arctic air mass in place.  As a result snow forms well ahead of the actual storm.  The morning commute will be slow due to the light snow.  Here is the national simulated radar for 8 am
I don't expect it to snow all morning …