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Storm Live Blog 3/31-4/1

(This thread will stay updated with the latest information until the storm ends.  The latest post will appear first-ZG)

Post 16 4/1/17 10:52 AM
It will drop below freezing tonight so try and clear all the crap off before the re-freeze.

Post 15- 4/1/17 9:45 AM
Here are some updated snow totals.  Westminster is in the lead, but Ashburnham is right there.  Those Oakmont towns might be the state champ today.

Post 14- 4/1/17 9:30 AM
Warmer air has held on aloft, so the change to snow is delayed.  At about 5000 feet in the atmosphere temperatures are still above freezing.
By 11 AM it will go below freezing aloft in Southern Worcester and Norfolk Counties.
Some may see 1-3", but that is about it.

Post 13- 4/1/17 5:37 AM
Winds are picking up across South Coastal New England.

Post 12- 4/1/17 5:15 AM
Good Morning!  Let's take a quick reset.  Here is the surface analysis of this storm as of 2 AM.
Theseus isn't the best looking storm I've ever seen. but I'm sure his mom thinks he …

No Major Changes

A *Winter Storm Warning* is posted north of the Pike and a*Winter Weather Advisory* is posted for some counties south of it.
The current radar
She sure is a beauty on satellite
Light precipitation will continue off/on until early this afternoon.  Temperatures will be in the low to mid 30's.  Snow, sleet, and eventually rain is on its way.
This model sure is showing a colder scenario, so north of the Pike 6+" is definitely on the table.  Total snow forecast is up a little, but it looks like mostly sleet in the Providence to Worcester corridor.  The storm is trending colder tonight so travel will be slick later on.
Much more later.

-Zack Green

Update on Friday-Saturday Storm

The National Weather Service in Taunton has issued a *Winter Storm Watch* for locations north of the Mass Pike.
The areas in the watch are the ones who are most likely to see 6+" of snow.  Near the coast and south of the Pike, warmer air aloft will change frozen precipitation to rain.  Some of these areas, like Hampden, Southern Worcester, and Norfolk counties will likely have a Winter Weather Advisory posted later today.  Let's time this storm out so you know what to expect and when.

Mostly sunny with temperatures near 50,  Winds will be light and clouds will begin to increase late this afternoon as a warm front associated with our storm system creeps northward.

Increasing clouds with light winds.  Temperatures by daybreak will be near 30 in the Blackstone Valley.  Temperatures are in the mid to upper 20s in Northern MA while it will be a bit warmer south of the Pike in SE MA/RI.

Any precipitation that falls before 8 AM tomorrow morning will be lig…

Special Report - April Fools Day Blizzard 1997

On Sunday, March 30, 1997, Southern New Englanders woke up feeling pretty good.  It was Easter Sunday and temperatures were forecast to be 6-12 degrees above average.  The winter was rather tame to date and it sure looked like Spring was here to stay.  Although the Red Sox had gone 79 years without a World Series title, they had a hot shot rookie SS with a quirky batting stance taking over who would inspire thousands of kids to be "Nomar" in their backyards.

Easter 97 sure seemed like a good day to practice the Nomar toe tap and take a few swings with the family.  The early to mid 90's have some of the most extreme seasonal snow totals in Boston and Worcester on record so we were going to celebrate a fairly normal winter.  

One explanation for the extreme snowfall totals in this time period is the global effect of the Mt. Pinatubo volcanic eruption in 1991.  The volcano spewed so much dust, ash, and debris into the equatorial atmosphere that global atmospheric circulat…

Large Storm System Headed Towards SNE Fri-Sat

A large storm system will move south of New England Friday-Saturday bringing a plethora of precipitation types.  Some will see heavy rain, some will see heavy snow, some will see freezing rain, and some will see all of the above.  This is a traditional early spring nor'easter that will feature lots of precipitation, marginal temperatures, and a strengthening low to our south.   Let's time the storm out and discuss when the various p-types could impact your backyard.

General Overview
Over 1" of rain has fallen in the last 3 days across parts of Southern New England.
This is a good thing for our drought situation because the ground is able to effectively absorb moisture this time of year.   There might be a few showers on the Cape today but the region is generally dry until Friday.  Temperatures this afternoon will max around 50 as a developing NW wind dries out the lower atmosphere.  The sky will be mostly gray with only a few breaks of sun.  The clouds will break tonight a…