March 2017 Blizzard- Live Blog

(This post will be updated all day with storm coverage.  Please send photos, questions, comments, and complaints to or  The latest entry will be posted first.)

Post 15 3:26 PM
I'm running on fumes right now so I'm going to take a nap.  I have no interest in light rain, freezing rain, and sleet.  Thanks for following along today.  I'll post a wrap up tomorrow in a new blog.

Post 14 2:12 PM
Thundersnow reported to the east of Worcester in Littleton area.

Post 13 1:26 PM
It looks like the change to sleet/rain holds off until 5 PM.  Also, another 1" possible at the end of the storm!
16z HRRR Sim Radar 5 PM (image Weatherbell)
16z HRRR Simulated Radar 10 PM (image Weatherbell)
Still 3-5" to go

Post 12 12:30 PM
Latest totals from NWS Boston

Post 12 12:09 PM
This may be my last post.  The lights are flickering and power outages just jumped 12k in 15 minutes.

Post 11 12:02 PM
Power outages picking up.  Most are in Worcester at the moment, but these will grow.  Charge up the cell phones!  This is from National Grid.

Post 10 11:37 AM

Post 9 11:27 AM
Some more totals coming in.
via NWS Boston

Post 8 10:26 AM
Accident on Rt 6 in Yarmouth

Post 7 10:00 AM
Here is the latest as of 10 AM

  • Blizzard Warning remains in effect for interior Southern New England.  Winter Storm and High Wind Warnings are posted in SE MA and RI.
  • Generally 4-6" in Western MA and parts of CT, 2-4" in Central MA and 1-2" in Eastern MA
  • Heaviest snow begins NOW through 3-4 PM 
  • A change to rain will limit snow totals south and east of Worcester
  • Damaging winds possible this afternoon.  You will notice an increase over the next few hours

Post 6- 9:30 AM
The worst of the storm is now approaching.  I've already seen the chatter on twitter about how this storm is a bust.  Well, some totals may end being a bust but most meteorologists in Southern New England did advertise the worst of the storm being between 10 AM - 3 PM.

NWS Northeast Regional Radar loop
The rain/snow/mix line is where the bright yellows and orange meet the lighter greens to the north.  It is above freezing a few thousand feet above our heads in these regions.  This is why we will mix later this afternoon.
12z HRRR 850 mb temps 8 AM (image Weatherbell)

Post 5- 8:50 AM
Hubbardston, MA police just posted this photo on twitter.  Keep the speeds down.

Post 4- 8:30 AM
The central pressure is down to 990 mb.  There has been a 7 mb pressure drop in the last 2 hours just off the Mid-Atlantic coast.
SPC mesoanalysis MSLP, Surface Wind, Radar 8 AM 
There is a lot of sleet mixing in with the snow near I-95 in the Mid-Atlantic.  NYC, Philly, and DC are all going to go well under their forecast snow totals thanks to sleet.  SE MA, S RI, and Coastal CT will have to deal with this later.

Post 3- 8:00 AM
The snow hole will shrink quickly in the next 1-2 hours.  Moderate to heavy snow is lifting north into Southern New England.  The precipitation will intensify as the low continues to strengthen and lift NE.

This satellite image is gorgeous.  Excuse me, I need a moment.
NWS/NOAA/NCEP GOES Water Vapor Satellite 715 AM

Post 2- 7:37 AM
Snow reports are starting to filter in already.  Approaching 5" in CT as of 730 AM.

Post 1- 6:56 AM
Good Morning Southern New England!  Jim Cantore is in the Blackstone Valley today.  He reports 1" in Millbury near the Pike.   Jim is saying "Millbury" correctly but I think we all know some locals who refer to it as "Millbree".

The first flakes started flying between 2-3 this morning.  The real snow band moved through between 5-6 AM.  Snow is filling once it gets to Northern RI but there is a gaping hole in the radar across SE MA/RI.  Don't worry, there is plenty to come.  This looks more like a decaying tropical cyclone moving up the coast (like Irene) than a Nor'easter.
NWS Northeast Regional Radar 
The low is beginning to "bomb" and its right offs the Delmarva.  This simulated radar looks good for the rest of the day.
09z HRRR Simulated Radar 6 AM to 11 PM (image Weatherbell)
Snow totals are impressive from this model run.
09z HRRR 18 hour snowfall totals through 11 PM (image Weatherbell)
More to come.


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