Rain Showers Through Wednesday AM

A massive storm is moving through the Upper Plains into Manitoba.  Warm, moist air is streaming into Southern New England as a result.  The next 24 hours will be wet and/or mild before a return to more winter-like temperatures.
NWS/NOAA/NCEP GOES_Composite Water Vapor Satellite through 515 AM
Although not as large as last week, this system has produced another round of severe weather in the Midwest.  Here is the northeast regional radar loop this AM.  Temps are near freezing north of the MA Pike in the highest elevations so please exercise caution on the roads this AM.
NWS Northeast Regional Radar 548 AM
There is still a lot of dry air in Southern New England so this precipitation is having a difficult time reaching the ground.  Dew points are still in the mid to upper 20's.  Later this afternoon these will rise into the 40's by this evening and into the 50's before the frontal passage tomorrow.  At 1 PM this afternoon the front will be advancing to the east.
WPC Surface Fronts/Precipitation Tuesday 1 PM
Now despite being in the "warm sector", gray skies and off/on rain showers will keep max temperatures in the 40's today.
NWS Max temps Tuesday (image Weatherbell)
Winds are out of the south today 5-10 MPH with gusts up to 20 MPH.  A gradual wind shift is likely to occur overnight first to the southwest and then to the west as the system pushes towards the Atlantic.  A lull in the precipitation as the warm front lifts through will occur this evening, followed by more showers as the actual front passes.  By 7 AM the cold front is nearly offshore.
WPC Surface Fronts/Precipitation Wednesday 7 AM
Although cooling will occur tomorrow afternoon, some sunshine and gusty winds in the late AM/early PM will allow temps to soar into the low to mid 50's.
NWS Max temperatures Wednesday (image Weatherbell)
Near record, Arctic cold returns this weekend.  There will be a few snow chances but the strength of the Arctic air may be so great that the storms pass well to our south.  First chance Friday, second chance Sunday.

-Zack Green


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