Friday AM Update

Snow is filling in South of the MA Pike already.  It has yet to stick to the main roads in here in the Blackstone Valley and it may struggle to accumulate on the main roads after dawn thanks to the recent warm temperatures and the high March sun angle.  As of 540 AM
NWS Southern New England Radar 540 AM (image Weatherbell)
The low is still developing over Maryland and Virginia.  The boundary the low will move across is already well established south of New England.
WPC Northeast Surface Analysis Friday 4 AM
The water vapor satellite confirms the easterly movement of this system.  It also shows just how quickly the low will scoot out to sea.  Also, notice the dig coming through the Great Lakes.  There is some potent Arctic air behind it.
NWS/NOAA/NCEP GOES Water Vapor Satellite 415 AM
By 11 AM light to moderate snow will be falling across Southern New England.  The best snow zone will shift from south of the MA Pike to RI/SE MA as the day wears on.
09z HRRR Simulated Radar Friday 11 AM (image Weatherbell)
By 3 PM the snow shield will be more blotchy as the low center pulls away.
09z HRRR Simulated Radar Friday 3 PM
Temperatures this morning begin in the mid to upper 20's but they will rise into the low 30's this afternoon.  However, temps by 10 PM are in the mid 20's again and falling fast.
09z HRRR 2 m temperatures Friday 10 PM (image Weatherbell)
The Arctic boundary will sag across SNE around 1 AM.
WPC Surface Fronts/Precipitation Saturday 1 AM
We are on our way to the single digits.
NWS min temp forecast Saturday AM (image Weatherbell)
The latest high-resolution model is printing out these snow totals over the next 18 hours.  This is a general 3-5", even in NE MA where winter weather advisories should probably be posted.
09z HRRR 18 hour total snowfall accumulations (image Weatherbell)
Now we get to work on this potential beast on Tuesday.
WPC Surface Fronts Tuesday 7 AM
Time to hit the textbook this weekend to study up on past March snowstorms.
The bible for Northeast winter weather

-Zack Green


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