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Tuesday Weather Update

High is backing toward the Eastern New England shoreline this morning and this will remain in control for the rest of the week.  Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60's today and tomorrow.  They should approach the low 70's on Thursday before a cooler day Friday and Saturday.  After the brief dance with cooler temperatures things are looking good in the extended long range.

Current Conditions/Short Range Forecast
Some areas have a wind directly off the water this morning.  These areas are colder than the Western zones
The high pressure center is very close to the central New England coast The flow of the high pressure backing towards the coast has allowed for some sprinkles to break out in New York state Today will remain dry in Southern New England.  Here is the Weather Prediction Center 1 day outlook That moisture is excellent for Nebraska.  Back here the latest short range models likes temperatures near 70 today Areas in the Merrimack River Valley of NH/MA as well as t…

Persistent Pattern Leads to Mild Dry Weather

In general the next week to two weeks will be dry and mild in Southern New England.  A developing block will keep high pressure in charge.  Wind direction is the most important factor in determining temperature this week.  Any easterly wind will keep temperatures down and correspondingly a wind out of the west will be warmer.

Current Conditions/Observations
A weakening upper air disturbance has generated some lift in the Mid Atlantic and Ohio Valley and the result is widespread showers in these regions.  Low pressure is also working northeast out of the Carolina's.
One can see these features well on the water vapor satellite  On the surface chart the we can see the high pressure to the east of New England better Here is the 500 mb chart showing the ridge over New England and the trough that extends just along the Appalachians.   That is the atmospheric big picture.  Temperatures this morning are in the mid to upper 40's in Southern New England  It's already 50 in extreme SW…

Weekend Weather Take

The forecast for New England in the next 7-10 days is rather boring (for me).  It's great for all spring sports, cook outs, and any outdoor activity.  The one drawback is that pollen counts should begin to rise and that stinks for a lot of people.  However its a part of the natural seasonal cycle and with the pollen comes warmth.  
Short Term Forecast Saturday With high pressure in control today is nice.  Winds will be slightly off the ocean keeping temperatures from soaring into the 70's. Cool, dry, and light winds today.  Temperatures will reach the mid 60's across Southern New England Temperatures drop into the mid 40's overnight.
Sunday The pick of the weekend.  High pressure moves offshore a bit changing the wind direction.  Instead of an easterly component off the water there will be more of southwesterly component.  It will still be off the water but the southern waters are warmer than the east due to the proximity of the gulf stream. That will lead to afternoon te…

Weekend Forecast

An upper level disturbance will swing through New England today touching off an isolated shower or storm. The weekend will be top notch with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 60's.  Sunday will likely be around 70.  After today's light rain there will be an extended dry period for 7-10 days.  Guidance is hinting at something around day 9-10 coming out of the SW Atlantic and being energized by an upper level system as it moves up the coast.  More on that tomorrow and next week.

Temperatures this morning are chilly especially outside of SE New England.
The surface chart looks like we should have a nice day with no precipitation issues However cutting in between those two high pressure areas in the East is an upper level feature.   This will kick off light showers that should be mainly north of the Mass Pike between 2-5 PM.  These should be weak. Here is the zoomed in WPC day 1 precipitation outlook Skies stay Partly Cloudy as the disturbance passes b…

Seasonable Weather For Awhile

A weakening cold front is pushing through Southern New England this morning.  The warmth from yesterday is gone, but so is the record cold from Tuesday.  In fact we will be closer to yesterday than the cold of Tuesday for the next week to 10 days.  We seem to have turned the corner towards the second half of Spring.  Meanwhile in the rest of the country here is what the last week has looked like.
Some 10,000 cold temperature records have been set in the last six weeks.  It has been as extreme a late season cold shot in decades.  Now if we flipped this around and it was heat it would be plastered all over the national news.  Last summer we were told "this is what global warming looks like" after record heat.  Now I am educated enough in meteorology to recognize that hot/cold temperature records don't mean much of anything but the bias in coverage of warm/cold events is remarkable (but not really if you have followed the debate).

Current Conditions On the surface chart fro…