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2014's Top 5 Southern New England Weather Events

In recent years Southern New England has experienced its share of region wide major weather events.  2011 alone had several events that would be clear cut number 1's in most years (January snows, June tornado, Hurricane Irene, the October Snow).  2012 was a bit more calm but it still featured a record warm March and Hurricane Sandy.  2013 will be remembered for The February Blizzard and the awful heat/humidity/rain of June and July.   
2014 had a lot of weather but it lacked that one big event that impacted everyone like the events mentioned above.  That is not to say mother nature spared the region; numerous storms caused damage and hardships.  
5.  Thanksgiving Eve Nor'Easter For residents of Northern New England this event would rate higher on the list.  Hundreds of thousands of residents lost power for days as heavy wet snow sent tree limbs and power lines crumbling to the ground.  In Southern New England 1-3 inches of rain fell across SE MA/RI/CT.  1-3 inches of snow fell …