Fourth of July BBQ/Party forecast

This is part 3 of my Fourth of July Forecast.  Rather than bore you with talk, here is an hourly forecast through Sunday.  Fireworks forecast here, beach forecast here.  Beach forecast now includes Lakes forecast.  I'll update this with Monday's forecast in detail tomorrow.

Click on image to enlarge

Comments...Showers possible for a time tomorrow afternoon, but nothing to cancel plans.  Firework celebration and cookouts should go off just fine.  Sunday on the other hand will feature a potential potent round of showers and thunderstorms.  These may make folks having a party have to make back up indoor plans for short periods of time.  Not a wash out, humid.   Not everyone will see storms; that is why I also have listed sun and clouds.  Monday looks nice, 80 degrees and mostly sunny.  

Tropical Storm Arlene made landfall this morning in Mexico.  Its lucky the storm made landfall when it did; it looked ready to rapidly intensify into a Hurricane.  Rains will cause flooding in Mexico, however hopefully the mountains rip apart the circulation and the storm dissipates quickly.  Happy 4th of July all.


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