Unsettled through Saturday

Today will be an interesting weather day.  This morning the weather is calm as dew point's have dropped into the upper 50's.  The reason you hear meteorologists talk about dew point's is because that is the temperature a parcel of air must cool to in order to condense into water droplet's.  A dew point of 70 is oppressive; we only get dew points in the 70's a few times a year in New England.  Anything in the 50's is considered comfortable.  Some people with sensitive skin and other condition's related to dry air become uncomfortable when dew points drop too low, say below 50.  Another way to think of the dew point is the amount of moisture the air can hold.  If the air has too much moisture, our sweat will not evaporate.  When people fall victim to heat stroke it is because the body's natural cooling system (sweating) shuts down.

Surface weather this morning

Back to the weather.  The warm front boundary is stalled south of New England.  Advancing low pressure in the Great Lakes will continue on its way east.  Still, we won't be able to tap into the warm sector of the front (area's south of the warm front, east of the cold front) as that part of the boundary is fairly stationary.  So for today a wind from the northeast will keep temperatures in the mid to upper 60's.  The clouds will clear up for a time mid to late morning, but as the cold front keeps pushing east chances for a shower or thunderstorm increase this afternoon.  A greater chance of precipitation exists tonight as a pulse of energy will move along the boundary and set off another round of rain.  Be aware of this as you head out tonight and dress accordingly.

Things warm up tomorrow, as the warm front will begin to move out of here.  The low pressure in the great lakes is the driver of the system so as it slowly creeps towards the east it will provide relief from the constant threat of rain.  Shower's are possible in the morning and then shower's and thunderstorms are more likely in the afternoon.  Area's of patchy fog will be present in the morning so be careful if you're driving early tomorrow morning.  Saturday Night will feature clearing weather as any leftover shower's and thunderstorm's should be gone by midnight.  As the front passes winds will flip from the northeast to northwest and lows will drop into the upper 50's for Saturday night.  Bring a jacket if you are heading out, or plan on having enough to drink to give yourself a good skin (just don't drive).

The wind flips to due west on Sunday after the cold front finally pushes through and it will be a comfortable day.  Mostly sunny with a high of 79.  Monday and Tuesday look good, high around 80 and sunny.  The next threat of rain will be Tuesday night into Wednesday.  An early long range look at the 4th of July weekend shows a potential warm up.  I'll keep you posted.  Happy Friday


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