Fireworks forecast and Times for select locations

Only two weather extremes will cancel a firework display; too wet or too dry.  Other parts of the country will have to worry about the too wet or too dry part but not New England.  A plethora of cities and towns in the region will have firework displays this weekend.  A Monday 4th of July is the best day for the holiday (IMO).  Here’s the forecast for each night and start time/location.

Friday July 1
Northbridge 9 PM Lasalle Field
 Worcester 930 PM Belmont Hill
South Yarmouth 8 PM Dennis-Yarmouth High School

Despite a small chance of a shower or thunderstorm between 2-8 pm on Friday, by the time the Northbridge and Worcester festivities kickoff temperatures will be in the low 70’s and scattered clouds will dot the skyline alongside the fireworks.  Winds will be West North West at around 10 mph.   If staying out late Friday night, keep a jacket handy as clearing skies will enable temperatures to dip to 61.

Saturday July 2
Spencer 9 PM Zukas Hilltop
Auburn 930 PM Lamanski Park
Methuen 930 PM Nicholson Field

Despite partly cloudy skies Saturday Night the viewing will not be bad as these clouds stay fairly high in the atmosphere.   Nice night as temperatures will be 71-75 during the fireworks before falling to a low of 67 for Saturday Night.  Dew points in the mid 60’s will make it feel slightly uncomfortable for most, especially the young and old.

Sunday July 3
Gloucester 930 PM Stage Fort Park
Milford 9 PM Plains Park
Millbury 9 PM The Swamp (Windle Field)
Webster 9 PM Memorial Beach
Mashpee 9 New Seabury Golf Course
Salisbury 10 PM Barge off Salisbury Beach

It will be more humid on Sunday; especially early with dew points reaching the upper 60’s which is pretty uncomfortable.  A boundary moving through will set off isolated showers and thunderstorms, but as night falls the skies should clear.  The elderly, young children and people with respiratory conditions will be most affected.    Temps will hold steady in the mid to upper 70’s before falling to the mid to upper 60’s for lows.  The late start for these fireworks should make most of them ok.

Monday July 4
Lowell 8 PM LeLacheur Park
Lowell 9 PM Riverbank
Millbury 9 PM Windle Field
Nantucket 9 PM Barge off Jetties Beach
Martha’s Vineyard 9 PM Edgartown, Barge off Chappaquiddick Beach
Plymouth 930 PM Barge in Plymouth Cove
Boston 1030 PM Charles River

Scattered thunderstoms during the day will lead to a warm night.  Temperatures in the 70’s will make things comfortable well into the night, as long as the thunderstorms have moved past.  Good sky cover, less than 50% clouds and dew points in the low 60’s.  This is a little past the reliable forecast range as of today, but this is the preliminary call.  

This list is not all fireworks displays, just a sample.  A complete list can be found here.
Beaches preview later


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