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First and foremost Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there and especially to my father.  From pee wee soccer to little league and all the way up my father has had a great influence on not only my life but my sports life and has always been interested in my take on the weather.  Dad thank you, I know the Bruins winning the cup was something you've waited a long for.  

The Bruins parade was incredible on Saturday.  A day I won't soon forget for many reason's.  The weather in Boston was perfect, except for the sauna in a packed Red Line train.  That was a setback.  The weather stays great for next two days.  Sunny, with the normal afternoon summer clouds and a high of 83.  Any win that blows will be light, but from the west.  Stepping out in the morning you may need a light jacket as low's tonight will dip to 53.  Ditto weather on Tuessday, but the low will be around 58, so you may not even need a jacket tomorrow morning.  

Shower's may creep into the region overnight Tuesday and some clouds return but Wednesday is also looking nice, with a slight chance of shower's so I'll watch that and keep you posted.  Have a good night


  1. Longer range forecast......Cutoff low sits over the Great Lakes for a few days and we eventually get into the warm sector late week. Those who are like thunderstorms getting into the warm sector is key and Friday we have a chance but Saturday is probably more likely. But showers look to be a constant from mid week on.

  2. You should start one of these too Chris. Combine forces eventually...

  3. I like the idea. Will put some thought into this. Still trying to figure out a routine with new apartment and new job.


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