Thunderstorms on the move; Parade weather

Good news first- tomorrow's parade weather looks good.  Left over showers from tonight's rain (more on that below) will be exiting and by 9 am it's offshore.  Fog will burn off and temperatures will climb to 80 degrees.  Saturday night will be clear with low's dropping only to the low to mid 60's.  This will lead to a beautiful Sunday Funday with high temperatures in the mid 80's.  Red Sox will have no weather related concerns after tonight, so expect them to hit the ball over the park this weekend.
On to the rest of today.  Slow moving thunderstorm's have dumped enough rain over western Connecticut and Massachusetts to prompt flash flood advisories.  A line of thunderstorms, some severe has set up in advance of the cold front with the line extending roughly from Albany to Philadelphia.  The line bows out to the west of Hartford meaning there's a chance for some gusty winds in the central Connecticut area, so heads up Mike.  If you need to travel 91 in the next 3-4 hours it will be wet.  Given the slow nature of these thunderstorms, timing is difficult to nail down.  There's some cooler air present closer to Boston so that will affect how the storms can hold together.  Also, the upper level low pressure center driving the system is lifting off to the Northeast, leaving Eastern MA as a wild card tonight.

Southwest New England- definite rain and thunderstorms from now until 8 pm
South Central New England- definite rain in North central MA, plan on rain south central MA and northern RI
Eastern New England- The further north you are the greater the chance for precip

Bring a jacket for the rain if heading out tonight. Low of 60

Finally the Bikini Index...or as some prefer, the One Piece Index (Saturday/Sunday)

South Rhode Island Coast- 6.5/7.5  Saturday finishes strong after slow start
Cape Cod/Islands- 6.5/7.5 The islands are a 5/6 for the weekend
South Shore- 7/7.5 Warmer on Saturday in Plymouth than other area's due to SW wind being over land for longer
North Shore- 6/6 though it will be warm just inland, temperatures at the coast will be cool, barely breaking 70 this weekend
Hampton- 7/7.5 good weather on the NH seacoast, even if the ocean is colder there than in Plymouth


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