Thursday Morning Update 6/23

No rain falling as people head out for the day, but showers and thunderstorm's are popping up all over upstate New York and those will be moving into our area.  Temperatures in MA are in the 60's and will hold there, while temperatures in CT and RI will get into the 70's today.  I'm more concerned about severe weather in this part of New England where it will be possible.  Severe weather consists of damaging winds and hail.  Dew points remain in the mid 60's so it's going to be humid once again.  No need for a jacket today, just a rain coat or umbrella.  If you've got a tee time hopefully it's early.  The greens will be soaked after the overnight rain, but hey at least you'll be able to play.

Thirsty Thursdee forecast, weekend outlook and more later.  Have a great day


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