Humid Weather Tomorrow

Although tonight will be a nice night, humid air returns tomorrow as dew points rise into the mid 60's.  See post here for explanation of dew points and humidity.  A dew point in the low to mid 60's will be felt by most people, but the elderly and young children are the ones who will be made most uncomfortable by the humidity.  The day will be pleasant, with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 80's. Tomorrow night will be a muggy night as clouds increase.  Temperatures fall to the mid 60's but showers and thunderstorms will hold off until around 4 or 5 AM Wednesday morning.

Wednesday will feature a bout of rain early in the morning and then another band of showers and thunderstorms will move through later Wednesday.  Isolated showers may break out at any time between the two main threats.  Temperatures will be warm, reaching the upper 70's and low 80's.  Low 80's in southern Connecticut, 80 in central Massachusetts and upper 70's North Shore.  The good news is that after Wednesday it looks to be smooth sailing for the 4th of July weekend.  Warm, mostly sunny days look to be the pattern from Thursday through Monday.

In a tropical update the disturbance in the Southern Gulf of Mexico/Bay of Campeche is getting better organized so NOAA Hurricane Hunters will be investigating the system tomorrow afternoon if the system continues to develop.  Conditions will become more favorable tomorrow so it would not be surprising to see a Tropical Depression form tomorrow.  The image above is the water vapor satellite picture of the disturbance.  Its not well organized but strong winds to the north of the system are forecast to lessen tomorrow.  Those strong upper level winds limit the thunderstorms ability to rise vertically and also works against establishing a low level center, needed for tropical cyclone development.  When this "wind shear" as its called relaxes, thunderstorms can stretch high in the atmosphere and become very strong and a closed counterclockwise circulation forms at the surface.


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