Bruins forecast besides a Wild celebration in Boston

Well here we go boys and girls.  The biggest Bruins game since Game 6 of the 1972 Finals.  Can you believe that even though they have made the cup 5 other times since 1972 this is the first time the Bruins have had a shot to clinch?  Go figure its a Game 7.  Without further ado, the weather for everyone heading into the city tonight.

The beautiful afternoon will give way to an even better night.  An east wind is keeping temperatures below average for June 15.  However lows won't dip as far as they did last night because that east wind is going bye bye, to be replaced by the warm west wind.  High pressure is building in for tomorrow and this will set the stage for a great day tomorrow.  I think I'm going to have to update the bikini values for several locales.  Anyway the low will drop to 60 so some folks may need a long sleeve shirt but its not jacket weather.  The skies remain mainly clear with just a few wispy clouds.

Currently the garden looks like this.  Add 2011 after tonight, the B's score first, the Canucks tie it, Lucic scores in the 3rd and the Nose Face Killer gets an empty net.  3-1 win, Timmy Thomas takes the Conn Smyth.  GO B'S!!


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