Good Looking Week Ahead

The weather funk of last week has been broken.  The upper level low pressure center and associated fronts moved by over the weekend with a nasty little thunderstorm on Saturday night.  It put some graduation party celebrations on hold for a bit but at least the dreary dull gray weather has passed.  Today will be party cloudy and warm.  Temperatures around the region are in the low to mid 80's.  Mid 80's in CT, say 85 in Hartford while southern Worcester County sees a high of 83.  Cooler in Boston with a high of 80, but 84 in Lowell and areas north and west of the city.  There is a slight chance of a light rain shower this afternoon (20 %).

Tonight is clear, lows drop to lower 60's leading into a beautiful Tuesday.  Mostly sunny with a high of 85 for most of the region.  Boston will have a high of 82,  Hartford will have a high of 87, and Providence a high of 83. Winds will be light, blowing from the south at 5 mph.  By Tuesday night a front will be approaching that will set off showers and thunderstorms overnight and those will continue into Wednesday morning.  Once these are gone the rest of the week and the weekend look great.  The temperatures will average 80 degrees for Wednesday-Sunday.

Tropic Watch
The first storm of the season may form this week.  Its currently near the Yucatan and not very well organized but as it drifts west over the next few days things will become more favorable and Tropical Storm Arlene may develop.  No threat to our region and probably not going to be a threat to the United States but the hope is for the storm to drop some more rain on Texas and help those folks out.


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