Friday Rainout and Red Sox forecast

Don't be fooled by the sun.  A large batch of showers and thunderstorms in advance of a cold front and upper level low pressure area.  The heaviest of the rains may miss Boston, but central Massachusetts is in line for some healthy downpours especially if you are in a region that stuck under an embedded thunderstorm.  The path and direction of these storms is southwest to northeast.  With the sun shining out ahead of the system some enhancement of thunderstorms is not out of the question.  I'm more concerned with that later this afternoon.  The set up isn't all that favorable for severe weather but as the system moves to the northeast we may increase our odds of a severe t-storm or two. Temperatures today in the mid 70's, call it 75.

The Red Sox return to Boston tonight to resume interleague play.  The Brew Crew come to town.  However tonight doesn't improve as lingering showers and thunderstorms will make it unsettled.  The low will drop to 60, so bring a rain jacket or umbrella when you head out.  I don't think the game ends up cancelled, but I do think their could be a delay to start the game.  I've been watching the Sox, but really haven't been too caught up in the team.  I don't know about the rest of you but that Bruin's run was a wild ride.  Here's hoping the Sox take us on a crazy ride in October

I'll have a full wrap up of tomorrow's parade weather later today, but just a preview warm with a chance of thunderstorms.  I'll looking at the models to try to pinpoint when the greatest "threat" of storms will occur.


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