Thirsty Thursday Forecast

Sorry for a late post today.  I had to sleep in this morning, I couldn't turn off the coverage.  4 teams, 7 titles now. Absolutely spoiled, Boston is title town and of course Northbridge has always been title town.  By the way no other city has more than 3 titles since 2001.  Boston has two times more than any city.   Well on to the celebration forecast...a parade forecast will come out tonight and it will be updated tomorrow.

The rest of the afternoon is nice, warm with low humidity.  Tonight is nice as well, unless you're staying out until 4  am the weather will be fine.  If you're going to Boston the low tonight will be 65 so you may need a long sleeve shirt but shorts and tee shirt will fine especially if you plan on having some adult beverages.  Lows in the valley will drop a bit more as we lose more heat at night than the concrete jungle, I'm going with 60 but the coldest spots may drop to 56.

Tomorrow will be unsettled with showers and thunderstorms.  Some of you heading to work will have to drive through some rain.  The thunderstorms will not be like the intense storms we've seen over the last few weeks but keep and eye to the sky anyway.  The temperatures will cool from today, but they still will be in the mid to upper 70's.  Friday night will also be unsettled so you may need an umbrella or jacket if heading out tomorrow night.

Weekend/Parade/Bikini Index updates tonight.  BRUINS!


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