Wednesday Morning Update

No change for today's forecast.  A very nice, low humidity, warm day.  Highs may reach the upper 70's in the Valley's.  Tomorrow is looking nicer and nicer, high of 85 as the winds switch from the North to the West.  Humidity will not be a problem, dew points in the mid 50's will make Thursday one of the best days of June so far.

Introducing Thursday's Bikini Index
North Shore- Bikini Index- 5 Clear skies, but cooler temperatures hovering around 70

Hampton Beach- Bikini Index-7 77 degress and clear skies

Plymouth/South Shore- Bikini Index 7.5 Highs near 80 make the South Shore possibly the best beach weather in Southern New England tomorrow

Cape and Islands- Bikini Index 6.5 A high around 74.  

South RI coast- Bikini Index 7.5 Also with highs around 80, the South RI coast is your other best bet for beach weather tomorrow.  

 Rain will begin to move in overnight Thursday so if you're out getting thirsty, be aware that when you leave you may be getting wet.  Friday is not as nice with rain showers moving in.  However, Saturday is looking better and better with each forecast cycle so stay tuned for further updates.  

If you're heading north to the lakes and mountains this weekend rain and thunderstorms are likely Friday night and Saturday, though temperatures will be in the lower 70's.  By Saturday night the rain moves out and Sunday will be sunny and warm, temperatures in the mid 70's.

I'll have a Bruins forecast this afternoon.  Enjoy your pre-Game 7 activities


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