Wednesday Thursday forecast

Surface Map, high pressure in control

Welcome back from the long weekend.  Hope everyone had a good 4th.  Welcome to July...things will be hot and also humid at times.  Thunderstorms are possible later tomorrow into Thursday and Friday where it will also become more humid.  Here is tomorrow's tri-hourly forecast.  Thunderstorm's will be isolated tomorrow

Thursday has a 30% chance of thunderstorms, but it will also be warm.  Thursday morning will be nice, the showers and thunderstorms will hold off until late morning/early afternoon.  High 87, dewpoints in the mid 60's gradually falling to the low 60's and upper 50's.  Thursday night has a slight chance of shower's, temperatures in the low 70's falling to the upper 60's in the coolest valley's.

Weekend tri-hourly forecast will begin to be posted tomorrow night, starting with Thursday and Friday.


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