Refreshing Air For a Few Days

Surface Map from NOAA, click to enlarge
The cold front finally pushed offshore today, leaving high pressure in charge and dropping dewpoints like a rock.  At 11 the dewpoint was 62, at noon it dropped to 58.  The reason?  Winds shifted around and are now blowing from the Northwest.  Northwest winds drag cool dry continental air from Canada, instead of warm tropical humid air that southwest winds bring.  The humidity will return (its July after all), but enjoy the break while it lasts.

Northward facing beaches will be the coolest today and tomorrow, a NW wind creates a seabreeze, keeping temperatures down.  Also, there is a high rip current risk due to an offshore storm.  Seas will be choppy and use caution in the water.  Its cruel isn't it? A break from summer's heat and humidity and the ocean decides to get rough. 

The Red Sox game will be excellent, maybe bring a jacket for the end of the game or whenever you leave Boston.  Onto the forecast's...


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