Great weekend Ahead

The weather this weekend is beautiful.  Sunny skies with warm temperatures and relatively low humidity will dominate the area.  There is a moderate chance of showers and thunderstorms on Monday but after that the rest of the week looks great.  Not to much to blog about.  However, down in the tropics things are becoming very active.  By mid next week I forecast a Hurricane to form in the Central Atlantic heading towards the Greater Antilles and then heading north.  Its uncertain as to where the storm will head from there.  It depends on the positioning of the Bermuda High in the Atlantic and the placement of the Midwestern trough.  If it becomes a hurricane the name will be Emily.

In 2005 Hurricane Emily hit Mexico as a strong Category 4 hurricane.  It became the earliest record category 5 hurricane and the strongest storm ever to form in July. The name wasn't retired, for some unexplained reason which is why the storm name is in use today.  There was extensive damage in the Cancun/Cozumel area's on the Yucatan Peninsula.
2005 Hurricane Emily track from Wikipedia

Tropics Score Card
Named Storms  4
Hurricanes        0
Major Hurr.     0


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