Tropical Storm Brett forms; Thunderstorms tomorrow

The Atlantic Ocean now has its second named tropical cyclone of the 2011 season, as Tropical Depression 2 has strengthened into Tropical Storm Brett.  The system is off the east coast of Florida in the Northern Bahama's.  Tropical Storm Watches are in effect there.  The system is expected to continue to strengthen, albeit not into a hurricane.  It should stay out to sea, but it could come close enough to the Carolina coast to bring unsettled weather to shoreline communities.  Surf will be heavy and the rip current risk will be high.

The reason the storm will head out to sea is because of a cold front that will push through tomorrow.  There is already a Severe Thunderstorm watch in Northern VT and NH.  As the front moves south it will be running into warm, moist air.  By noon thunderstorms may already be popping.  A line of thunderstorms capable of producing damaging winds and hail is most likely to form.  I'll be online live blogging when the storms fire.  The storms will keep temperatures from being oppressive all day and even provide a break Tuesday, but this will be short-lived.  Because...

A heat wave is on the horizon.  Wednesday-Saturday all look to be over 90 degrees.  This may end up being the hottest part of the summer when all is said and done.  Another round of thunderstorms may move through Thursday night-Friday.  Stay cool out there...


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