Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 10 PM- UPDATE 436 EDT

Tornado Warning in effect for South Central Worcester County and Northern CT (Tolland, Windham Counties).  Be alert that a funnel is forming over Monson near Wales.  Again even if a tornado does not form straightline wind damage from this system has occurred all day
A tornado warning is now in effect for East Hampden County in Western Massachusetts.  This includes Monson, Ludlow, Wilbraham, and Chicopee.  This is a radar indicated tornado.  This is the same sell that dropped a tornado in New York earlier.  The storm capable of producing a tornado is a supercell, but it is embedded within a larger line.  A flood advisory is also in effect.  The storm will take a similar track of the June 1st tornado outbreak.  Sturbridge, Oxford, Charlton, Northbridge will be effected by either this cell or a squall line by 545-6 PM.  Important- this is not a confirmed tornado, but damage with the storm has been widespread going back to Albany, NY.  Winds are going to be strong regardless of whether or not a tornado actually touches down.

Get to your basement's immediately if you are in the path of this storm.   This storm has held its circulation together for over an hour.  Thunderstorm indices favor the storm holding together.   If these storms come close do not mess around. More as it develops...

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for this afternoon and this evening.  A squall line has developed in Upstate New York and is heading through the capital district of Albany. These storms have a history of producing severe hail and damaging winds.  The storm system has also dropped a tornado in central New York.   The greatest threat for the New England area is damaging wind and frequent lightning.  Small hail is likely and moderate to large hail is possible as well.
Storm Prediction Center graphic depicting watch area
The sunshine that is abundant right now is contributing to the thunderstorm threat.  The heating is creating an unstable air mass that will allow the thunderstorms to stick together as they roll into Central and Eastern Massachusetts.  Looks like we may be headed for another delay tonight at the Red Sox game.  Post will be updated if needed (if a Severe Thunderstorm warning is issued).


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