Warm and Sunny Forecast

The next 3 days will be one of the best stretches of summer so far.  Temperatures today will stay in the low 80's as a north wind is bringing Canadian air into our region.  This wind will shift as a dominant area of high pressure moves offshore so the humidity will gradually return especially by Sunday.  Sometimes I wished I lived in Arizona when you can just forecast 100 degrees and sunny...but New England is more fun overall.

Today- Sunny and 82.  North wind
Tonight- Mainly Clear 63. South wind
Tomorrow- Sunny 86. West Wind
Tom Night- Mainly Clear 65. West Wind
Sunday- Partly Cloudy 90.  Southwest Wind

Thunderstorm threat returns on Monday.  The tropics continue to be quiet, but the Cape Verde season will kickoff within the next 15-20 days.  These storm form from thunderstorm complexes that exit the African coast.  Depending on the position of high pressure these storms can make a long trek across the Atlantic Ocean.  Many of these make landfall in the Lesser and Greater Antilles and either continue on towards the Gulf of Mexico or turn up the east coast.  These are the storms that east coast folks really have to look out for.  Enjoy the sunshine


  1. Torch is incoming for next week.

  2. Speaking of the quiet tropics. In the coming few weeks things should begin to heat up. The MJO is forecast to become quite favorable and SST's are very high. Should be a fun start to August. At least one would think. Right?

  3. Yeah August will produce 3-5 storms at least. The SST's are warm all the way up the coast. The African Dust is inhibiting development off of Africa right now, but a change in the Azores High will end that. Once the wave train gets going it will be interesting. The season is behind the pace of 08 and 96, but ahead of the 55 and 99 season's. Your right about MJO too. Brett pops up today


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