Hot, Hot, Hot

A heat wave is building into New England.  While many will love this, its still important to stay hydrated and to stay cool.  As good as a cold beer is when its this hot, caffeine and alcohol actually make people more dehydrated in this heat.  A simple solution is to just drink a water in between every few beers.  Young children and the elderly are the people most affected by weather like this.

Today will not be all that humid and I don't think it will hit 90 today.  However, Wednesday through Saturday (at least) will be 90 degrees plus.  I do think this will be the hottest stretch of summer.  In some parts of MA and CT the temperatures will approach 100 degrees on Thursday and Friday.  By Thursday night the low temperatures will be in the 70's.  The relief is nowhere to be found except in lakes, beaches, and pools.  With temperatures this warm the slightest trigger will fire off thunderstorms so even though the forecast does not call for any now, this may change.

The record high temperatures for Boston and Worcester over the next 5 days

July 19 Worcester 95 (1991)  Boston 98 (1982)
July 20 Worcester 95 (1991)  Boston 99 (1991)
July 21 Worcester 95 (1926)  Boston 102 (1977)
July 22 Worcester 99 (1926)  Boston 103 (1926)
July 23 Worcester 96 (1952)  Boston 100 (1952)

These records will be tough to break, but its possible.  Stay cool.


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