Temperatures Only Climb into 50's Today/Tomorrow

Two cold fronts pushed through New England over the weekend.  The first brought scattered showers to New England and the second dropped temperatures.  On Saturday if there had been a bit more sunshine some nice thunderstorms would have fired.  It was not meant to be but some beneficial rain did fall last week.  This air mass is cold- in fact it is cold enough to prompt a freeze warning and frost advisory for tonight
NWS Boston Watches/Warnings
Here are the temperatures as of 4 am
4 am 2 m temps (image weatherbell)
On the surface chart we see the cold front offshore and high pressure dropping into the Midwest.  With clockwise flow around a high the wind direction will be northwest, and cool.
WPC surface analysis 330 am
The upper air pattern shows a deep trough in the east and a large ridge in the west.  So while some record low temperatures will occur in the east, record high temperature records will occur out west.  
06z NAM 500 mb geo height 8 am (image weatherbell)
If you can picture the high pressure over Illinois try to picture where the air is coming from.  On the backside (out west) air is flowing up from the Gulf of Mexico.  On the front side air is flowing from Canada.  Moving forward this will cause temperatures to be only in the 50's across Southern New England.  Berkshire County will struggle to even reach 50
06z NAM hires 2 m temps 3 pm (image weatherbell)
Tonight a combination of light winds and clear skies will allow temperatures to drop into the low to mid 30's. Information on the frost advisory/freeze warning can be found here and here.
06z NAM hirs 2 m temp 5 am Tue (image weatherbell)
Overnight I cannot rule out a shower on the Cape.  An ocean storm will form offshore and travel into Atlantic Canada.  Here is the 500 mb chart for tomorrow afternoon
06z NAM 500 mb geo height Tues 2 pm (image weatherbell)
The precipitation stays well enough offshore however
00z EURO precip Tue 2 pm (image weatherbell)
Temperatures in general will be warmer than today but not by much.  Most will climb into upper 50's
06z NAM hires 2 m temp Tue 5 pm (image weatherbell)
It will be chilly again Tuesday night, but not nearly as cold as tonight will be.
06z NAM hires 2 m temp Wed 5 am (image weatherbell)
On Wednesday a disturbance will track towards New England.  Temperatures will be in the mid 60's and it will be dry.  Overnight Wednesday into Thursday is when some precipitation will fall as a frontal system pushes into New England.  A ridge will try to build into New England and that will allow temperatures to reach the low 70's
06z NAM 500 mb geo height Thur 2 pm (image weatherbell)
Temperatures off the EURO
00z EURO 2 m temps Thur PM (image weatherbell)
Finally Friday looks to be terrific. Temperatures will once again be in the low 70's.  There are hints that a stalled boundary will set up just south of New England.  When this happens rounds and rounds of rain can occur.  Right now it looks like it sets up in the PA/NJ area but we'll have to watch.



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