Cool Today, Showers Tomorrow, 70's Thursday

Well first of all I can't believe the Bruins won last night.  I gave up mentally when it was 4-1 but I never turned away from the game.  As a result just a 3 day forecast this morning.

Current Conditions/Observations
Temperatures are chilly, but not as cold as feared when a frost advisory was issued yesterday
4 am 2 m temps (image weatherbell)
A good portion of Southern Worcester County ad Eastern MA are around 40.  The reason temperatures did not drop into the low to mid 30's is cloud cover
GOES_E RGB satellite 515 am
At the surface high pressure is in control although an ocean storm is passing a few hundred miles offshore
GOES_E water vapor satellite 515 am
A deep trough is present over the Northeast US which will keep our temperatures down.  At the same time there is a big ridge in the western part of the US.  My mother informed me they lost power at "The Voice" and the poor people watching had no AC.  The ridge is to blame
06z NAM 500 mb geo height 5 am (image weatherbell)
The trough will keep temperatures down today.  Most of the region is looking at mid 50's.  Eastern MA will be in the upper 50's
06z NAM hires 2 m temp 4 pm (image weatherbell)
I can't rule out a brief shower or sprinkle this afternoon.  The short range models are hinting at that.  Tonight lows get down to around 40.  In the Berkshires they will drop into the upper 30's.  I don't think there is a frost/freeze tonight.  Tomorrow morning at 7 am as one gets ready for work/school
06z NAM hires 7 am Wed 2 m temp (image weatherbell)
A system currently in the upper Plains will track towards New England today and tomorrow.  Here is the system at 8 am
WPC surface forecast 8 am Wed
A warm front will begin to push milder air during the day but the price will be scattered showers and storms.
06z NAM hires simulated radar 2 pm Wed (image weatherbell)
Temperatures tomorrow afternoon will be in the low 60's when it is not raining, upper 50's when it does
06z NAM hires 2 m temp 2 pm Wed (image weatherbell)
The surface chart will look like this
WPC surface forecast Wed 8 PM
That warm front will lift the 70's back into New England for Thursday.
00z ECMWF 2 m temp Thur PM (image weatherbell)
Have a good Tuesday, talk to you tomorrow.


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