Temperatures in Low 80's Today

A warm front will lift across Southern New England this morning and will lift temperatures with it.  A few isolated showers/thunderstorms will be possible later this afternoon along the frontal boundary but I expect the majority of the storms to be north of Route 2.  The front will retreat south on Tuesday but will lift back north on Wednesday.

Current Conditions
It is already a mild start to the day
2 m temps 4 am (image weatherbell)
The last of the showers have moved offshore
NWS Boston radar 620 am
The temperatures will shoot up as the frontal boundary moves North.  By 9 am all of Southern New England should be at least 60 degrees and by 11 nearly everyone will be at 70.  Here is the surface analysis 
WPC surface analysis 617 am
Short Range Forecast
High temperatures this afternoon will be in the low 80's with the exception of the south coast which will be in the 70's.  There will be breaks of sun everywhere but the coast as the onshore flow will be able to keep clouds in place.
06z NAM hires 2 m temps 4 pm (image weatherbell)
By this evening the front will begin to sag south.  It is along this boundary storms will be able to fire.  
WPC surface analysis 8 pm
The simulated radar is not all that impressive- in fact the short range models are indicating that nothing develops until later this evening
06z NAM hires simulated radar 9 pm (image weatherbell)
Low temperatures tonight will drop into the upper 50's.  Tomorrow's temperatures depend upon how far south the frontal boundary sags.  If the WPC is correct in their thinking CT and RI will be able to climb back to 80 tomorrow while MA would be stuck in the low 60's.  
WPC surface forecast Tuesday 8 pm
This is the general idea of the NAM hires.  
06z NAM hires 2 m temps 2 pm Tues (image weatherbell)
This is a major temperature gradient as it is near 90 in NYC and 55 in Boston.  However the EURO is not as cold- not even close as keeps the warm front in Northern New England
00z EURO 2 m temps Tues PM (image weatherbell)
The Canadian likes the EURO idea, the GFS likes the NAM idea but is closer to the EURO.  So go with low 70's tomorrow in MA, 80 in CT/RI.  Northern MA, especially Essex County looks like it might struggle to get to 60.  It will be that close.  Have a good one


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