Tuesday-Wednesday Outlook

Running a bit late this morning, here is a quick forecast\

Current Conditions
6 am 2 m temps (image wxbell)
718 radar (NOAA)
Moisture in New York is associated with a weak cold front
5 AM surface analysis (HPC)
Today will be nice with temperatures approaching 40.  The wind will be from the west, sustained 10-15 with gusts 30-35.  Overnight the temperature will drop to around 20 before rebounding to near 40 again on Wednesday.  This is great news as we are melting the snowpack.  There is a snow chance Wednesday night into Thursday but if we receive anything it will be light, on the order of a dusting to 2 inches.  The south cape could see isolated 2-4.  

Finally some are worried about a big storm this weekend but conditions do  not look nearly as favorable for a big storm as last weekend.  As of now I lean towards a 50/50 chance of a storm in general.  Still time to watch so do not cancel any plans.


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