Calm Weather Next Two Days, Light Snow Sat

The melting will continue today and tomorrow before a low pressure system adds a couple of inches on top of whats left.  From a meteorological standpoint this type of melting is the best case scenario.  Sometimes the snow sticks around and then a big rain storm moves up the coast.  The combo of rain and melting snow often causes flooding.

Current Conditions
BOX radar 521 AM
Last night's snow has pulled away.  It did not amount to much as reports have been of the 1-3 inch variety along the south coast and Cape.
4 am 2 m Temps (image weatherbell)
Temperatures are in the upper 20's which is not bad at all considering its only Valentine's Day.  Here is the current surface chart
230 AM surface chart (HPC)
High pressure will work into the Northeast today as the low pressure system departs.  The high pressure, tho weak, will contribute to temperatures returning to at least 40 today and nearing 50 tomorrow!  Things will change for the weekend.  A series of fronts in the Upper Midwest will make their way towards the east coast.  An area of low pressure will lift north into Northern New England on Friday.  A secondary low pressure will develop in Eastern KY, TN and drop light snow for much of the I-95 corridor later Friday/Saturday.
021413 06 NAM 1000-500 mslp, thick, precip valid Friday 4 PM (image wxbell)
Here is NAM Saturday 1 PM
021413 06 NAM 1000-500 mslp, thickness, precip (image wxbell)
The NAM snowfall totals
021413 06 NAM 84 hr snow totals (image wxbell)
The EURO likes the snow a bit further north, but still a general 1-3 and more widespread
021413 00 EURO snow totals (image wxbell)
Will there be a major storm?  Not likely at all, just a typical New England light snow event.  Finally things in the long range are interesting.  A return to below normal temperatures is in the cards and the Northeast will face several storm threats next week.  Below normal temps + storm threat = snow chances.  First is later Monday/Tuesday and looks like a warmer solution.  The second is towards the end of next week and looks like a colder solution.

Finally President Obama wants to commit more money to fight global warming.  I argue here that natural changes in ocean sea surface temperatures are most responsible for recent drought and east coast hurricane activity.   More work on this topic will follow.  The science is far from settled, no matter how many times you shout it or try to suppress contrary opinions.  Joesph Goebbels would be proud of the tactics tho.  


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