Afternoon Update

The Blizzard Watch has officially been upgraded to a Blizzard Warning for all of Eastern Massachusetts (including Southern Worcester County), Rhode Island, Connecticut, Long Island, and New York City.  Seacoast New Hampshire and Seacoast Maine are also under a Blizzard Warning.  Consider the population of that corridor.
NWS watches and warnings
Notice the various watches and warnings.  Hurricane force winds will pummel the Cape and a major coastal flooding event will occur.   Here is the NWS snowfall map

NWS 4 PM snowfall forecast
This looks similar to what I have been thinking, but I have added a jackpot area after talking with some friends (h/t Josh Weiss) and examining the data I've edited a little bit
Note- Areas in red don't mean 36+, it means some areas  within the band will have 36+. not all
The biggest reason for these numbers is ratio's + liquid precipitation.  If this was a rain storm we would be looking at totals like this
HPC 3 day precip totals
Its funny, no one ever says we are only going to get a light shower when we promise a big rainstorm.  But when you get temperatures like this
EURO 12z 2 m minimum temps 1 AM Saturday (image wxbell)
A record setting event is about to occur.  Here are the projected winds at the 900 mb level Friday 11 PM
NAM hires 18z 900 mb winds, mslp (image wxbell)
In general here is what to expect and when

Friday 6 AM-12 PM
Light snow, accumulating only on grassy surfaces will begin.  My advice is get off the roads by noon. Temperatures in the upper 20' in the interior, low 30's closer to the coast. Winds will not be a problem

Friday 12 PM-7PM
Snow will increase in intensity as will the winds.  During this portion of the storm it will seem like every other storm we've ever had.  By 7 PM we should have 4-8 inches of snow.  

Friday 7 PM-Saturday 7 AM
White out blizzard conditions, heavy snow, thunder and lightning, wind 35-50 MPH.  Coast will see winds near Hurricane force and the high tide cycles will be significant.  Areas not in blizzard warning see winds 20-30 MPH.  Over a foot of snow falls during this period, perhaps over 20 inches in some spots.  

Saturday 7 AM- 4 PM
Snow lessens in intensity, but I wonder if we will notice?  The storm stalls south of the Cape, loops around before moving out to sea.  That is why I have huge amounts.  Winds will lessen but still be gusty.  The NWS mentioned snow drifts over 5 ft.

Saturday 4 PM-
Storm should be over.  

Link to the NWS Boston .  Just point and click on your location or enter zip code for more info.  For updates during the storm, follow me @zgreenwx.  I'll be happy to hear reports



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