After the Blizzard

After nearly 24 hours of snow, (longer for some, especially Maine!) most of us are all done.  I have to admit this post is a little tough to write.  For someone who loves the weather there is a bit of post storm blues.  We'll get through it because there are several systems in the long range that interest me.

First Impressions
1) The American GFS model sucks
2) The EURO OP and ENS are by far the best measure in the long range
3) I've been shoveling since 930 AM and am very sore
4) This storm ranks among the greatest I've ever witnessed
5) Should have included Maine and Connecticut in the 24-36 and should have colored the 36+ in these same regions.

Current Conditions 
Visible Satellite 1145 am
This this the beast pulling away.  So far, an unofficially here is a map (NOTE- some totals were reported last night and have not been updated)
NWS 1130 am update
Boston is currently looking at its 6th greatest storm, but it has not updated its snow total since 7 am.  It will update at 1 PM and I'll post it.  Worcester checked in with its 3rd largest storm on record, while Portland, ME has logged its greatest snowfall.  The blizzard warnings have been dropped for all of Southern New England except for the Cape, which remains under the warning until 3 PM.

UPDATE Logan Airport cracks top 5 for largest snowstorm on record with 24.9 inches)
Radar 1233 PM
I was waiting for the band over West-Central MA to move east but it has snowed itself out and we can call this a wrap.  Over 500,000 customers are without power which is staggering from a blizzard.  

Saturday Afternoon-Evening 
Temperatures this afternoon will remain in the lower 20's and will drop to single digits tonight.  Wind chills will be below zero as winds will be gusting 20-30 mph.  Snow will be blowing around; pretty much a miserable night to be outside
16z RAP 2 m temps valid 10 Pm (image wxbell)
Wind Chills
16z RAP windchill's 10 PM (image wxbell)
It will be sunny and we will recover from a cold start.  Temperatures should rise to the upper 20's some areas low 30's.  

A sneaky wave along a cold front wants to bring warm air into New England so expect temperatures to jump to around 40.  The cold air may hold on a bit longer so the precipitation associated with the wave will start as a wintry mix.  Not expecting major issues at this time, will need to evaluate further.

This is about as far as I can go with the forecast, I have been too focused by the Blizzard.

Finally I want to thank everyone who reads my forecasts and trusts me to forecast the weather for you.  No doubt your support has made me much more confident in issuing predictions.  I won't forget it and will continue to produce the best I can.  If you ever need a specialized forecast for somewhere outside of New England do not be afraid to ask.  To the Blizzard of 2013!


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