Morning Blizzard Update

Everything on on track this morning.  I'm just going to show the various features coming together.  Here is the storm on Radar
Northeast Radar 558 AM
The temperatures this morning look like this.
5 AM temp analysis
And the surface charts look like this
HPC 530 AM surface analysis 

Here are a series of satellite images
Water Vapor Loop
The water vapor shows tremendous moisture in the atmosphere. 
NOAA IR-rainbow
Here is a version of the infrared satellite.  By the end of its "bombogenesis" (rapid deepening) the storm may have an "eye-like" feature.  In fact as several Boston TV mets have pointed out this is almost like a Winter Hurricane.
06z NAM Hires 900 mb winds, mslp (image wxbell)
This is one models depiction of 10 PM tonight.  I think the worst of the winds are in Rhode Island, Eastern LI, Eastern CT, and SE Mass.  I'm all done with models for the most part, its now a time to watch radar, satellite, and read real time observations.  The short range models provide good support as to where the heavy banding will set up.  The latest RAP (only goes out 18 hrs, updates every hour) has this for snowfall by 11 PM
10z RAP cumulative snowfall (image wxbell)
That getting close to 10 inches before Midnight. All in all I will hold with my map.  With the temperatures in the 20's I expect some nice ratio's across the interior.  I also expect heavy snow in SE MA, it will just be more to the standard 10-1 ratio.  Here is the forecast
ZG WX Official Forecast
Please note the red bands are where I think 36+ amounts are most likely- it does not mean you get it.  Be safe out there!  It's the biggest storm since 2005, maybe 2003, or 1997, or 1978.  We will find out tomorrow evening when it is over.  For timing please see yesterday's post.  If you'd like to interact during the storm on twitter give me a follow @zgreenwx


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