Mid Week Weather Thoughts

There has been a special weather statement issued by the National Weather Service valid until mid morning for black ice.  Fog has developed in a lot of places overnight and has created pockets of black ice on untreated roads.  Temperatures will rise into the mid 40's today and clouds will be increasing.  Lows tonight around 30. There will be a dip in the jet stream that will send some cooler air into SNE tomorrow.  Temperatures Thursday will be around 40 and overnight lows will drop to the lower 20's.  Friday will see increasing clouds and a likely some rain (brief snow?) Friday evening and overnight.  Some evidence for the predictions...

Current Temps
2 M Temps valid 5 AM 1/9/13 (image weatherbell)
Current Surface
Surface Chart 535 AM 
Afternoon high temps, via 00z EPS (click to enlarge)
1/9/13 00z EURO 2 M temp (image credit weatherbell)
Skipping ahead to Thursday Night here are the lows, again via 00z EPS
valid 1 am-7 am Friday. Image credit Weatherbell
Most get into the 20's, but people west of 495 drop close to the teens.  Finally here is the next rain event
00z EURO, valid Saturday 1 AM (image credit Weatherbell)
Here is the national precipitation outlook for the next 5 days
HPC 5 day
This will help dent the drought in Texas; alrready several inches have fallen in the Lone Star State
Latest US drought monitor
The folks in the Great Plains could use a storm track up through Chicago but this is good for Texas who has seen drought in 2011 and 2012.  This is common when the Pacific goes into its cold mode as La Nina's tend to dominate.  Have a good day, thanks for reading.


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