Bundle Up!

Its very cold this morning across all of  New England.  Luckily for Southern New England the winds didn't relax last night and there was some cloud cover.  That allowed temperatures to stay above zero but the winds are making temperatures feel well below zero.  Here are the air temperatures from 5 am
RTMA 2 m temp 5 am (image wxbell)
Here is the short term predicted wind chill (-7am EST)
10z Rap 2 hr Windchill (image wxbell)
For that reason a Windchill Advisory is in effect until 10 am for readings 15-18 degrees below zero
NWS Taunton Wind Chill Advisory
What is causing the Arctic Air?  In simple terms cold high pressure from Canada is sending true Arctic air into the Northeast and Great Lakes.
Surface Analysis 530 AM 
This will continue in fact tonight and tomorrow morning will be downright cold.
00z EURO 2 m T min 7 am Thursday  (image wxbell)
Still watching the potential for snow overnight Friday into Saturday.  It doesn't appear to the computer guidance to be a big deal at all.  However there are several things that make me question the model solution a bit; we have time to watch the system.  Here is the HPC 1 inch snowfall probability for Friday 7 AM- Saturday 7 AM.
HPC Day 3 1" snowfall prob
We could pick up another few inches on Saturday.  Also keep in mind it will be a fluffy snow that piles up quick.  If today's trends hold I'll have to admit the Arctic air wins and this system will move out to sea.  More later, have a good day!


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