AFC Championship Forecast

Happy AFC Championship Day!  We get to celebrate this day a lot in New England (8th time in 17 seasons) and I want anyone heading to Foxboro to lose your voice screaming at Ray Lewis, wishing him a happy retirement.  Today is a typical New England weather day.  Here is where are temperatures are at currently 
2 meter temps 11 am (image wxbell)
And here is where we will max out this afternoon
10 am RAP valid 2 PM 2 m T (image wxbell)
Temperatures in the coastal plain should peak in the low 50's.  The winds will be howling this afternoon.  

RAP 11 am 900 mb winds and mslp (image wxbell)
The winds will relax slightly leading up to game time but right around kickoff a second maximum of winds is possible as the cold front pushes through.  Here is the cold front this morning
7 am Surface Analysis 
When it passes through temperatures drop to this 
RAP 7 pm temps (wxbell)
Stay lubed up!  Go Pats!  Later today, after the morning computer guidance rolls in I'll talk about the cold and snow possible during this upcoming week.  Somebody is going to get buried on Tuesday and again possibly Friday.  Here is the 10 day EURO forecast for Worcester, MA

00z EURO/EPS 2 m Temps KORH (wxbell)
and the GFS
06 GFS 2 m T, snow depth, precip (wxbell)


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