Sunny Skies Give Way to Showers Friday PM

A few people actually complained that it was "too hot" yesterday.  Any suggestions on what to do with these people?  They will be complaining again today as it will be slightly warmer than Wednesday.  Enjoy it as a frontal system will move across New England tomorrow and Saturday bring rain/thunder and eventually cooler temperatures..

Here is a summary of yesterday's high temperatures around the region with my forecast highs for today
Max T Wednesday, forecast for Thur
Downtown Boston. Cambridge etc will be much warmer than the airport where the official temperatures are recorded.  The River Valleys (Merrimack, Connecticut, Blackstone) will all be a bit warmer than some of the surrounding areas.  High pressure is directly over New England
WPC 8 AM Surface Analysis
Low temperatures tonight will be around 50 with increasing clouds.  A warm front will first move through tomorrow morning with some rain showers.  A trailing cold front will then move through Western New England firing off showers and thunderstorms.
WPC projected surface analysis 8 AM Friday 
Temperatures will stay in the 70's tomorrow albeit with overcast conditions.  Rain moves into Central and Eastern MA Friday around 5 PM.  Afternoon sporting events should be good to go but junior leagues playing Friday night may be in trouble.  I'm not anticipating a lot of thunderstorms but I think there will be isolated severe storms in New York, Western CT and MA.

Saturday will be similar.  Saturday morning sports/golf/hikes will be good to go.  It will not be until later Saturday afternoon that showers and thunderstorms develop.  Temperatures reach the low to mid 70's.    Here is the Saturday AM projected surface chart.
WPC surface analysis Saturday AM 
With a bit more sunshine the atmosphere may become unstable enough to support severe weather.  Right now the Storm Prediction Center has a marginal threat mainly for the Mid Atlantic.  I think this ends up further east into Western New England.  As of now I think we end up with rain in Central MA but I don't think the thunderstorms can survive.   Rain is gone Saturday evening but temperatures crash behind the cold front.
SPC Day 3 Severe Weather Outlook
Sunday is partly cloudy with temperatures in the mid to upper 50's.  We may be looking at another frost Sunday night.

On This Day in History
A major flood occurred on this day in 2006.  I posted a bit on 2006 in a previous post here in which I discussed some of the similarities between last week's pattern and the May 2006 pattern.   This happened on Mother's Day.  The flooding wasn't as bad as the October 2005 flooding in the Blackstone Valley but it was severe in Northeast MA and Southern NH. where 6-12" of rain fell.
NWS Boston May 12, 2006 flooding
The Merrimack River in Lowell, the Spickett River in Methuen among others recorded Top 5 river crests.
NWS Radar Loop 5/12/06 2-3 PM 
Moisture from the Atlantic streamed inland and deposit rounds of rain on New England.

More on the thunderstorms tomorrow.

-Zack Green


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