Another Thump of Snow Tonight

A significant March snowstorm will dump more snow on New England tonight and tomorrow.  Some will switch over to rain, others will stay all snow.  Here are the details

Current Conditions
A winter storm warning is in place for all of interior Southern New England
NWS Boston Watches/Warnings

Low pressure is diving across the upper plains.  There is also a series of low pressure systems in the South.  
WPC Surface Analysis 330 AM est
High pressure is located in Southern Quebec which is reinforcing the cold air.  Here are the current temperatures
3 am Surface Temperature Analysis (image weatherbell)
Any North or Northeast wind will be all snow tomorrow.  So lets touch on today and give details on tomorrow

Short Term Forecast
Temps will struggle to crack 40 today
00z EURO Max temps 2-8 PM (image weatherberll)
It will remain dry until this evening.  The first snowflakes will move into SW CT around 7 -8 PM tonight.  The snow starts in Hartford by 9, and most of MA by Midnight.  By 8 AM there will be 3-6 inches for most South of Rt 2.  North of Rt 2 4-8 inches will have fallen by 8 am.  The precip will start to change over inside 1-95/128 and South of the Pike.
WPC forecast tonight 2 am
The high in Quebec will drain cold air into New England.  Not all of our storms this winter have had a good area of high pressure to the north.  Here is the forecast for 8 am
WPC forecast tomorrow 8 am
I'm confident in all aspects of this forecast except how the exact temperature profile sets up. Here is my snowfall map, which I'm going to keep from Friday.
Snowfall forecast
I like Worcester at 10.0 with this storm.  Northbridge should check in around 7.  Boston I like 4.5, Providence 2.5, Fitchburg 9, Lowell 7, Keene 12, Springfield 6.  Here is the total precipitation
WPC 3 day precipitation totals
We're going to have to watch the rivers again.  Have a good day.


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