Wednesday Night Irene Briefing

Irene is ravaging the Bahama's tonight with fierce 120 MPH winds and a central pressure of 952 mb.  Irene is currently undergoing an eyewall replacement cycle.  That means the strong inner core around the eye where the strongest winds are collapses and then reforms.  For a reference think that a Hurricane does Tommy John surgery on itself. After an ERC the storm can restrengthen bigger and badder than before.  I really do not have much more to add that I haven't said in the past few posts.  Its coming.

The center is likely to pass through the Blackstone Valley.  It may go right through Providence and Boston.  These are the details that will get worked out as Irene passes the Outer Banks.  Southeast Worcester County could have either flooding rains or damaging wind and tornadoes from Irene.  It depends on where the center passes.  Flashlights, batteries, food, and important documents must be taken care of by Saturday.  Do not wait. Hurricanes are the most powerful weather systems we have on earth.  Here are some maps...
Various models courtesy of Florida State
27/33 track over New England
Center right over Worcester County
Also not to forget here is tomorrow Storm Prediction Center thunderstorm forecast

These will first fire between 11 and 1 and move through MA around 3.  Then a second line of storms may come by when the front passes through.  Dewpoints will be in the 70's tomorrow.  A tornado cannot be ruled out either.  The front is going to stall off the coast and then return as a warm front in combination with Irene Saturday.  Talk about a double whammy.

I'll have a more detailed forecast tomorrow after the morning computer cycle


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