Some final Irene thoughts

Watch Hill, RI      from Dave Wallen

Irene became the first Hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Hurricane Ike in 2008.  Early reports out of North Carolina are indicating some heavy damage.  Irene has already caused 3 deaths in North Carolina.  The wind field is still very large and the central pressure remains at 952.  The central pressure is the true indication of how strong a Hurricane is.  We will be in a long duration wind event.  The strength of the wind is not overwhelming; however the long duration and constant pounding of the winds will lead to significant tree and power line damage.  North Carolina is going on 24 hours of Irene.  The backside of Irene has been very powerful which is very rare for Hurricanes.

Track will come in to our west.  Expect 4-6 inches of rain to the east of the center with lesser amounts at the coast.  The winds will be sustained between 45-65 mph with gusts to 80.  The worst of the storm is between 6am and 3pm.  It will be raining long before the core of the Hurricane gets anywhere near New England.  A North Carolina man was killed driving around during Irene.  Please be smart and do not take any stupid risks.  Not much more to add.  See previous posts related to Irene for impact and effects.   Here's to good fortune for everyone's lives and property.

Look at all this rainfall surging northward.  Courtesy of NWS.  I can't stress how important the low central pressure of this system is.  Irene is NOT behaving the way many tropical cyclones behave.  She may have a trick or two up her sleeve.  If anything significant occurs I will post updates.


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