Cold Air Mass Settles Over Region

Its a chilly start across the Northeast this AM and it won't improve much as the day wears on.  Temps are firmly in the mid 30's.  A brisk west to northwest wind will make temperatures in the 40's feel closer to the upper 30's.  Its even colder tomorrow and Thursday AM when snow (yes snow) is possible before a change over to rain.

General Overview
Here are the low temperatures as of 5 AM.  Its near 40 in the eastern urban areas (Boston) and also where the ocean is moderating the air temperature.
4 AM 2 m temps (image Weatherbell)
Counter clockwise flow around low pressure in E Canada and clockwise flow around high pressure in Ontario are forcing a true Canadian air mass south.
WPC Surface Analysis 2 AM 
This combo will help keep temperatures in the upper 40's today and will produce winds gusting to near 30.  It will be mostly sunny but the cold and wind will win out to produce a chilly afternoon.  SE MA is the warmest today with max temps near 50.
NWS Max temp forecast Tuesday (image Weatherbell)
Tonight there is a freeze threat for areas in Eastern MA that have not yet ended the growing season.  We have already had a freeze in Worcester County so we are not included in the freeze warning.  We will still drop below freezing tonight.
NWS Headlines Tuesday October 25, 2016
Some showers are possible tonight on the Outer Cape so temperatures will not fall as hard.  Expecting near 30 in Worcester County and mid to upper 20's in the coldest areas (Norwood, Orange etc.).
NWS min temps overnight Tuesday into Wednesday (image Weatherbell)
High pressure becomes the dominant feature during the day Wednesday.  As a result the winds will lessen but the high will introduce the coldest air of the season to our skin.  High temperatures tomorrow will again be in the mid to upper 40's,  A storm system in the Great Lakes will begin to take shape on Wednesday PM.  It may bring some showers to Game 2 of the World Series.  Here is the surface forecast for Wednesday 8 PM.
WPC Surface Forecast Wednesday 8 PM
Temperatures will plummet Wednesday night into the upper 20's for even Southern New England.  We are in the low 20's in Central New England!
NWS min temps Wednesday night to Thursday morning (image Weatherbell) 
 The Great Lakes system will move east and run into this cold air.  The cold will win for the first few hours of the storm which should produce some wintry precipitation all the way to 95.  Accumulation is doubtful on the roads but grassy areas may be covered before a changeover to rain.  It will be slick for the commute.
WPC Surface Forecast Thursday 8 AM
The changeover will occur between 8-10 AM as temperatures return to the 40's.  Thursday afternoon is just a raw mid fall day.  Steady rain some wind and cold temperatures.  We aren't here yet but its coming...and don't be this person.
Bad Winter Driving
-Zack Green


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