Wednesday Weekend Update

It's never too early to look at the weekend forecast.  The northeast is looking at a warm up for the long weekend* (Massachusetts and Maine).  Lets start Friday night

Weekend Outlook
A ridge will build in the east as high pressure in Canada influences our weather.  It is dry all weekend.  Winds will be out of the North Friday evening so temperatures will start in the 40s and drop into the 30s.  On Saturday the high pressure in Southern Ontario/Quebec begins to slide offshore so there will be a wind shift.  Here is the surface chart Saturday 8 AM
WPC Saturday AM surface forecast 
If this moves offshore fast enough temperatures will climb into the 60s away from the coast Saturday afternoon.  The ocean is still mighty cold so the Cape and Eastern MA are brutal.  Here is one model for Saturday PM max temperatures
12z GFS 2 m max temps Saturday PM (image Weatherbell)
You can see how close the 60s are.  I'm leaning towards a quicker exit of the cold front so outside of 95 temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s.  By Sunday the wind direction shifts again and temperatures easily soar into the 60s/near 70.  Skies remain clear.  Golf, cookouts, hiking etc is all prime on Sunday.  Again the coast and the Cape/Islands remain much cooler than surrounding areas.  This is the spring time curse for these areas.

Marathon Monday is warm.  This stinks for the runners but it is great for everyone going to Fenway to watch the starting pitcher give up 5+ runs and for everyone lining up from Hopkington to Boston.
12z GFS 2 m max temps Monday PM (Image Weatherbell)
Enjoy the weekend.  April is notorious for blown forecasts due to back door cold fronts so I'll keep an eye on it.

-Zack Green


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