National Weather Service to STOP USING ALL CAPS

(Source)- The National Weather Service has screamed its weather forecasts in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY but beginning next month, the agency said it plans to lower its voice unless there's an emergency.
Weather updates have traditionally been sent in all capital letters since the National Weather Service used teleprinters, which are typewriters hooked up to telephone lines that only allowed for the use of capital letters. Of course, technology has evolved but some customers have still used the outdated equipment, according to a news release from the National Weather Service.
Effective May 11, the agency plans to transition to mixed-case letters for most forecasts, although forecasters will still have the option to use all upper-case letters when they want to emphasize extremely dangerous conditions, according to the update, making sure you don't take that SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING lightly.
For some reason the all caps really bothered some people.  They took it offense to the fact that the National Weather Service forecasts used capital letters thanks to a spectacularly outdated system to distribute warnings.  Even though email and the internet made communications instantaneous some companies never updated their technology so the NWS had to keep using all caps.  And this isn't surprising.  Go over your parents or grandparents house and you will likely see minimal improvements to technology.  My grandfather didn't know he had an HD TV for 10 years until he switched from dish to cable.  My mom had a Blackberry until last summer.
4/12/16 NWS Boston discussion
 I suppose I got used to it because I am a nerd and I read the disco everyday.  I won't be sad to see it go BECAUSE WHO LIKES TO BE YELLED AT ALL THE TIME?


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