MLB Weekday Series Weather Outlook

The geniuses who make the MLB schedule had one hell of an opening week.  From snow in Chicago to cold rain in Cleveland, New York and Washington it was truly miserable.  Meanwhile the Padres and the Dodgers opened up against one another and Houston opened in New York.  The weather generally turns around mid April in the North so its not like you need to fool around with the schedule all the much.  On to the forecast

Weekday Series

There is a slight chance of showers in Toronto, Seattle and Houston so I would expect the roofs to be closed tonight (Houston, Seattle) and tomorrow (all three).  Houston will have a chance of severe weather this afternoon but that will lessen this evening.  

Northeastern Outlook
Boston-Baltimore, Philadelphia-San Diego, Washington-Atlanta, New York (NL)-Miami
A cold front will cross the northeast on Tuesday,  That makes Monday the pick of the week for all the northeastern series through Thursday.  Southerly winds will flip to the North-Northwest allowing for temperatures to crash into the 40s and 50s instead of 60s and 70s.  There will also be a chance of precipitation in Boston on Tuesday albeit a small chance.  Most of the rain should clear the coast by mid afternoon.  Wednesday is dry but chilly.  Here is the afternoon surface chart
Monday Afternoon 2 PM surface analysis (image credit Weather Prediction Center/WPC)
Here is the Tuesday forecast for 8 PM EST
WPC surface forecast Tuesday 8 PM
Keeping these surface images in mind let's transition to the Midwest forecast

Midwestern Outlook
Detroit-Pittsburgh, Minnesota-Chicago (AL), St. Louis-Milwaukee, Chicago (NL)-Cincinnati
Detroit had an early start today so it avoided the sharp temperature drop that occurred as the cold front passed through.  Temperatures will be below average in Minnesota, Chicago and St. Louis today though they will be dry.  Here is a look at the 3 PM (2 PM central temps) courtesy of Weatherbell.
2 m temperatures Monday 3 PM EST (image Weatherbell)
Tuesday is also below average in the Midwest but only Detroit plays and they get going at 1 PM.  The temperature will struggle to get out of the 40s but it will be dry.  Its much warmer in Minneapolis and St. Louis on Wednesday but it stays in the upper 40s and lower 50s in Chicago and Detroit.  Although slightly warmer in Chicago and Detroit on Thursday winds off the lakes keep it cooler than Minnesota and St. Louis.  

Western Outlook
Oakland-Los Angeles (AL), Los Angeles (NL)-Arizona, Colorado-San Francisco 
The weather will be very pleasant in Oakland for this series.  First pitch temperatures will be near 60 with mostly clear skies.  Wednesday is a 1230 PM first pitch so temperatures will be in the upper 60s.  Down in LA  the weather is 70 and mostly sunny for each game.  Heading to the Rockies it will be warm in the afternoon (mid 70s) but dropping into the low 60s/upper 50s for gametime.  

Looking ahead to the weekend the only potential issues I see at the moment are in Texas and St. Louis.  A potent system will develop out of the Rockies late this week and may cause some mischief Saturday and Sunday.  Full update Thursday for those games.  

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-Zack Green


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