More Rain in the Forecast Wednesday PM/Thursday AM

Temperatures surged into the upper 50's last night as the warm/cold front responsible for yesterday's rain moved across the region.  Another batch of rain will commence later this morning and this will continue in varying intensities before ending around 7 AM tomorrow.  Another 1-2" are possible.

General Overview
The northeast radar shows some action working through Eastern NY/PA but the bulk is still in Western NY, WV and PA.  
NWS Northeast Regional Radar Loop
Temperatures are running in the low 50's in Southern New England while they are in the upper 30's/low 40's in the Merrimack River Valley and other areas closer to the NH border.  
10z HRRR Max temps 7 AM Wed (Image Weatherbell)
As a result of the warm air and moisture in the air we have fog and plenty of it this morning.  This has prompted the NWS to issue a *Dense Fog Advisory* in gray and a *Special Weather Statement* in the Donald Trump skin color.
NWS Boston Headlines 11/30/16
By noon the rain will be making its way into Western New England and pushing into Central New England.
10z HRRR Simulated Radar 12 PM Wed (image Weatherbell)
The rain may lighten at times early in the afternoon but this will be local and not region wide.  At evening commute does not look nice.  Here is the simulated radar for 5 PM
10z HRRR Simulated radar 5 PM Wed (image Weatherbell)
Max temperatures this afternoon are forecast to be right around 50.  While it rains I expect temps to be in the upper 40's.
NWS Boston max temperatures Wednesday (Image Weatherbell)
By 8 PM a warm front will lift through once more and the heaviest precipitation will fall as these fronts cross SNE even if coverage is not as great.  A band of showers/thunder? overnight will finish off this storm.  Here is the simulated radar for 5 AM tomorrow.
06z NAM hires simulated radar Thursday 5 AM (image Weatherbell)
Expect some gusty winds.  This rain clears out during the Thursday AM commute.  Another 1-2" will fall today/tonight which is continued good news as we try to recover from the drought.  More on the weekend later tonight/tomorrow.

-Zack Green


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