Light Mix of Precipitation Wednesday Eve into Thanksgiving AM

Cold blustery weather continues Tuesday although winds will be less then the past two days.  Temperatures moderate slightly on Wednesday before a disturbance moves through Wed PM into Thursday AM.  Some of the precipitation may fall in the form of snow, sleet, and freezing drizzle.  As a result travel Thursday AM will be slow.

General Overview
Current temperatures are near AM minimums.  Many communities are in the mid to upper 20's with mostly clear skies and light winds.
NWS minimum temperatures Tuesday AM (image Weatherbell)
There may be one or two snow showers around this AM before skies become mostly sunny.  We still have high pressure to our west and low pressure in the Canadian Maritimes.  The clockwise flow around the high and counter clockwise flow around the low are keeping this cold air mass in place.
WPC Surface Fronts/Precipitation Tuesday 7 AM
Max temperatures are in the 40's across Eastern MA/RI/and the CT River Valley while temperatures remain in the upper 30's across parts of Worcester County.
NWS Maximum Temperatures Tuesday (image Weatherbell)
Temperatures tonight again drop into the 20's region wide.  By Wednesday AM high pressure will kick east a bit lessening some of the cold air (but not much).  Here is the surface fronts/precipitation at 7 AM tomorrow.  If one is traveling for the holiday the trouble areas are across the Central US and Western US.
WPC Surface Fronts/Precipitation Wednesday 7 AM
While that fronts looks like it will mean business for the east coast we anticipate weakening.  Max temperatures tomorrow are similar to today.
NWS Maximum Temperatures Wednesday (image Weatherbell)
Now check out the approaching precipitation tomorrow evening.  A mix of snow/sleet/freezing rain is in Upstate New York moving toward New England.
WPC Surface Fronts/Precipitation Wednesday 7 PM 
That precipitation should hold off in Central MA/RI/E MA until after midnight.  Here is the zoomed in radar at 1 AM Thursday.  This particular model favors snow at this hour and not a mix.  This is also very light.  If rooting for a scenario the snow would cause the least amounts of disruption.
06z NAM hires Simulated Radar Thursday 1 AM (image Tropical Tidbits)
Temperatures Thursday AM will be in the mid to upper 20's.  That is why at 7 AM it will likely be snowing/sleeting across much of Southern New England.
06z NAM simulated radar Thursday 7 AM (image Tropical Tidbits) 
Other computer models are slower with the precipitation and weaker which results in some light rain showers.  I favor the colder solution but I will evaluate later today/tomorrow.   If it is the warmer/weaker event then travel is much easier. How much snow?  Very little on roads but it will collect on grassy/dirt surfaces.

-Zack Green


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